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Instructions for Downloading

RIGHT CLICK on the link below to bring up the “save a file” dialogue box.

If your browser has a “plug-in” or “helper application” installed for use in viewing files stored in Adobe’s PDF format, clicking with the left mouse button, as you usually do, will load the file into your browser for online viewing. To DOWNLOAD the file instead, use your RIGHT mouse button to click on the link below. This will bring up a small menu on which you will be given the choice to select “Save target as...” or “Save link as...”, depending upon what browser you are using. Selecting this option will bring up the standard “Save as” dialogue from which you can select the folder in which you wish to file your copy of the book. If you have any problems with this procedure, please let us know

PDF version of world leader email list

Word (97) version of world leader email list

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