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The following information is obviously not meant to be inclusive, nor is it meant to provide all points of view on Middle East history. Since the U.S. media provides an overwhelming Western slant to any information concerning the history of this region, our intention is to balance their bias by providing information from other sources.


Posted on December 11, 2001

Understanding Our Culture: A Question of Identity (Sadek Jawad Sulaiman)
“Two major features define our culture: Uruba (Arabism) and Islam. It is important that we clearly identify and understand these twin constituents of our background, for unfortunately, many of us have misconceptions about them. And unless we rectify the misconceptions about ourselves that we entertain from within, it would be disingenuous to blame others for misreading us from without. . . . The Quran and our rich Arabic literature demonstrate vividly how intimately our spiritual and literary traditions intertwine in our Arab/Islamic heritage. The closer we look the more we discern how intricately Uruba and Islam interweave. We find it difficult to define the one without considering the other. We find it hard to separate the two, historically, culturally, or intellectually. We realize how each, indeed, would be incomplete without the other; viewed separately, how each loses some integral part of itself. Outside its repository of Arabic culture, Islam is left with little form or substance. Emptied of its Islamic content, Uruba is reduced to a culture devoid of intellectual and moral moorings. . . . These ideas and ideals are of universal relevance. They commit us, first and foremost, to the integrity and well-being of these great United States, which is our home; they commit us as Arab Americans to the integrity and welfare of the Arab homeland, which was our home; and they commit us at the level of human fellowship to the integrity and welfare of all humankind. Here, as citizens of these United States, in all these fields of endeavor lies our opportunity and challenge to excel and serve. And here, in the final analysis, it will be the true merit of what we represent, individually and collectively, in thought and action, in character and commitment, that will shape our real image with the others. And an image thus shaped will not fail to impress and endear.

Mr. Sulaiman is a former Ambassador of Oman to the United States. He currently resides in the Washington, D.C. area. He delivered a speech about the subject in this article at a general meeting of the Baltimore Chapter of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee on January 24, 1997.

Posted before December 11, 2001

Averroës — The Great Muslim Philosopher Who Planted The Seeds of the European Renaissance

Zionism And Its Impact (Report by the State Of Palestine, Palestine Liberation Organization, Ministry Of -Foreign Affairs , 30 Oct. 2001)

“The Thousand Year War” by Richard J. Maybury [review to be posted soon]

Afghan History and Culture

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