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Protest supporting Africa ends in chaos
(Jeremy Lovell, Reuters, July 6, 2005)
Riot police clashed with protesters close to the Gleneagles Hotel in Scotland on Wednesday after a demonstration against Group of Eight (G8) leaders ended in chaos. . . . Around 100 officers in full riot gear mounted a baton charge to drive protesters away from a security fence surrounding the hotel where US President George Bush and his G8 counterparts were due to meet. . . . Demonstrators from a range of anti-capitalist, anti-globalisation and anarchist groups scattered across a field when the police charged. . . . By 16h00 GMT, hundreds of protesters were still in the field, facing police, who were reinforced with units flown in by helicopters that rattled the windows of the summit hotel. Officers on horseback were also brought in to restore order. . . . The clashes erupted after an otherwise peaceful march from the small town of Auchterarder in central Scotland to within a few hundred metres of the nearby hotel. . . . The clashes echoed violence earlier in the day in towns close to the heavily fortified summit venue. . . . Protesters also put up impromptu barricades and threw obstacles on the roads around Gleneagles, blocking parts of the main highway in central Scotland for more than four hours. . . . Police needed cutting gear to remove some activists who chained themselves together across the north-south highway.

posted by Lorenzo 2:02 PM

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