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The Truth About Zimbabwe
Democracy, as understood by the "free" world, no longer exists in Zimbabwe. Huge swathes of the countryside have been turned into "no go" areas by the ruling party's thugs who are now known as "war veterans". This means that no news, other than Government spin doctoring, comes forth. When the ugly truth finally does come out, the world will be horrified. The truth is that there is absolutely no rule of law. The elections which were held in March 2002 were rigged by the ruling party. Currently, ZanuPF are illegitimately "ruling" the country. Human rights abuses have continued unabated. . . . The starvation currently being experienced in Southern Africa is a direct result of ZanuPF's policies. It is common knowledge that Zimbabwe was the food basket of Southern Africa. Neighbouring countries have always relied on Zimbabwe to top up their staple food requirements because they have rarely, if ever, been self sufficient. Reports and statements made by certain media, analysts and politicians that the cause is drought is simply not correct. Southern Africa is renowned for it's frequent droughts. However, on the ground, this "drought" is a misnomer because all the dams in Zimbabwe are full but irrigation equipment is lying idle. The reality is that this "drought" is man-made as a result of experienced farmers being prevented from doing what they do best - farming to feed Southern Africa. It is notable that South African farmers, who have not been subjected to the same treatment, have produced good grain yields under the same climatic conditions. This further re-enforces the argument that this food shortage is NOT caused by drought. . . . On 8th August 2002, 93% of Zimbabwe's commercial farmers have been ordered (by an illegal regime) to leave their farms, their homes and their livelihoods. The downstream impact is that 1,500,000 people (men, women and children) will become unemployed economic refugees with nowhere to go. . . . The ramifications of this madness are going to affect the well-being and food security of Southern Africa for years to come. The worst is still to come.

You may well ask what you can do to help. If you live in a free and democratic country, all Zimbabweans would ask is that you make your concerns known to your representatives in Government and urge them to put pressure on the government of Zimbabwe.

posted by Lorenzo 11:07 AM

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