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Zambia Finally Rejects Transgenic Food Aid
LUSAKA, Zambia, August 19, 2002 (ENS) -- The Zambian government has made a decision to reject a donation of transgenic maize (corn) from the United States after a protracted national debate over safety of the food. Announcing the decision on a national television broadcast late Friday, chief government spokesman Newstead Zimba said government will not allow importation of genetically modified (GM) maize despite the current food shortage and hunger in the country. "All genetically modified foods, including the maize grain already in the country, should not and will not be consumed or distributed," Zimba said.

posted by West 5:41 PM

Botswana Bushman fights for survival -- In Botswana the Bushmen, or San, face destruction as a separate ethnic group. President Festus Mogae once described them as 'Stone Age creatures' for whom there was no place in the modern world, and the Bostwana Government is chasing them off their traditional hunting-lands. Diamonds, the curse of modern Africa, have been discovered there. But when I travelled to the distant north-east of Namibia, bordering Botswana, I found conditions there rather better. Not that the San are entirely safe - an Australian mining company thinks it has found diamonds under Tsumkwe East, the area where the Bushmen have found their safest sanctuary in Namibia. But at present they are able to live and hunt in their traditional ways, after a century of being hunted and forcibly removed, first by German colonists, and then by the apartheid regime in South Africa.

posted by West 1:28 PM

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