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Author's Notes

Conventions Used

     To keep the narrative flowing smoothly, I have taken the liberty of moving explanations of technical jargon to the Glossary. Words that are defined in the Glossary are shown in bold font the first time they appear in the text. Abbreviated versions of these definitions are provided in the page margins of the paperback edition and the PDF version. A list of commonly used acronyms may also be found in the Glossary.

Web Addresses

     Since web site addresses can change or be abandoned, I have included very few specific Web addressess (URLs) in this book. Should you find that one of these referenced links is no longer active, you will find the new address available on the Matrix Masters, Inc. web site. At, you will also find, among other things:

  • Links to other web sites that illustrate points made in the text.
  • An electronic copy of this book that may be downloaded for free.
  • An electronic copy of this book that may be read online.
  • A free community bulletin board dedicated to a continuing discussion of many of the issues raised in this book, such as privacy and freedom of speech.
  • More information about, and examples of, the art of Steven Rooke, as seen on the cover of the paperback edition.
  • Other works by the author and a listing of his future speaking engagements and workshops.
  • An interactive edition of this book, which permits readers to post their own speculations about related issues, will also be available on the Matrix Masters web site to persons who purchase a copy of the book. The author intends to draw upon, and possibly use, these reader comments for future volumes of The Spirit of the Internet.


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