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2. Listen to Terence McKenna, Palenque, 1999.
3. A Giant Unplanned Experiment

4. The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality
5. The Long Emergency: When Cheap Oil Runs Out

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Matrix Masters - Passionate Causes
First Place - eBook Awards - The Spirit of the Internet by Lorenzo Hagerty

The Spirit of the Internet:
Speculations on the Evolution of Global Consciousness

by Lorenzo Hagerty


Matrix Masters' Overview

News:  Our News section was originally created by a few bloggers, most of whom continue to post summaries of provocative, and little publicized, stories from the world's press. When possible, each summary also provides a direct link to the original story for those who want to read the full item. Currently we are adding to our list of news bloggers through volunteers among our supporters at .

     In a nutshell, here is the general editorial philosophy for Matrix Masters' News:

The mission of Matrix Masters' News summaries can best be summed up in the lines Franklin Rosemont wrote in his introduction to the writings of Slim Brundage, where he described Chicago's famous College of Complexes:

The aim of the College of Complexes, as an educational/recreational forum, was neither to recruit members nor to mobilize troops for the achievement of specific goals, but rather to inform, agitate, educate, emancipate, provoke, inspire, offend, scandalize, tickle, and excite.

Well, our aim here at Matrix Masters is to provoke an unmuffled, ungagged, and unsilenced generation of world citizens into speaking up and taking the actions necessary to wrest control from the privileged few and to reclaim this planet in the name of all the humans, animals, plants, and other forms of life who share its bounty.

And as for our name, “Matrix Masters,” we intend this as reminder that ultimately YOU are your very own Master of the Matrix

     Definition: Matrix — a mould, environment, or substance in which a thing is developed, a womb.
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Palenque Norte:  The pool at the Hotel Chan Kah Ruinas near Palenque, MexicoFor many years, a legendary series of entheobotany seminars was held in a jungle resort near the Mayan ruins of Palenque in Mexico. It is in the spirit of the wonderful talks given in those mystical seminars that Palenque Norte has evolved. Our mission is not to re-create the Palenque experience but instead to build upon it, initially with a Burning Man twist, but over time we will be adding presentations given in many other venues. We like to think of Palenque Norte as a cyberspace version of the vibe found "around the end of the pool" at the Hotel Chan Kah Ruinas near Palenque, Mexico during that magical time when Terence McKenna and his band of merry men and women were exploring some of the most distant outposts of consciousness And so we are pleased to provide audio recordings from a few of those seminars along with a growing number of contemporary talks given by some of the most provocative and brilliant psychedelic thinkers of our age.
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Changing Ages:  We are living in an extraordinary period of time. For thousands of years prophets, seers, and ancient traditions around the globe have spoken of the time between Great Ages, the crack in the cosmic egg. What we are about to witness, and more importantly to participate in, is beyond our current ability to comprehend, for we are approaching a singularity. All we can know about it for sure is that we must be mentally prepared for anything.

     The Planetary level [of the Mayan calendar] beginning 1755 AD is broken up into 13 sections with each of these sections 19.7 years long. The Galactic level beginning January 4, 1999, is broken up into 13 sections with each of these sections only 360 days long. And finally the Universal level to begin February 10, 2011, is broken up into 13 sections with each of these sections only 20 days long! In sum, it is obvious that Creation is speeding up and that more and more is being packed into shorter and shorter periods of time. Each cycle of Creation contains the same amount of advancement and change but each cycle runs 20 times faster! The same amount of change that happened in 1.26 billion years of the Cellular cycle now occurs in 360 days!
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Passionate Causes:  Did you know that there have been two meltdowns of nuclear reactors in the Los Angeles area? One of them released several hundred times more radiation into the air than the Three Mile Island accident. Until Liz Crawford started noticing two headed animals near her home, only a few people knew about this and other massive toxic waste problems in the middle of a rapidly growing residential area. Today, largely thanks to her efforts, the biggest employer in Southern California has been forced to begin doing something about the poisons they have let loose in the ground water under Los Angeles.

     This is just one of the inspiring stories you will learn about in the newest section of the Matrix Masters Web site. But you will also find more than just stories here, this is also where you can find the Passionate Causes DreamBoard. It is on the DreamBoard where you will find an ongoing discussion of people's passionate dreams, the resources they require to make them come true, and every once in a while we hope our dreamers will also find a resource angel who learned of their Passionate Cause right here.

Coming in the winter of 2005
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