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As we come across items in the news that have an “Aquarian flavor” to them, we will blog summaries of them here, along with a link to the full story. We hope you will add your COMMENTS to these blogs so that we can build a permanent record of our discussion about what is happening at this important moment in time.

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posted by Lorenzo 5:59 PM



As of March 2010, Google is no longer supporting FTP publishing of it's Blogger blogs. Therefore I will be consolidating all of my blogs into a single front page format that I will be experimenting with and changing from time to time until I find something I like.

posted by Lorenzo 3:20 PM

A World Without Bosses?
(Traci Hukill, Common Ground, July 2, 2005)
As pizza counter guys go, Willie Perez is unusually cheerful, especially for the middle of a lunch rush that, by all rights, should be tailing off. . . . Thin and quick, with guileless blue eyes and Tiggerish enthusiasm, the 28-year-old father of two has good reason to be happy. He's making close to $30 an hour, gets medical benefits for his family, enjoys four to five weeks paid time off each year and believes passionately in his work. Not the work of making pizza, particularly, but the work of running, along with 38 other people, a thriving worker-owned cooperative built on the principles of democracy and economic fairness. "I have a personal mission," Perez confesses. "I want to see more cooperatives." . . . To anyone who has slogged through a wage-slave job or had a domineering boss, a collectively run cooperative sounds like a workers' paradise. It has no hierarchy and no supervisors because everyone is an owner. Everyone makes the same amount of money and everyone is responsible for making the business work. Everyone does all the jobs. No one gets summarily fired. Decisions are made by consensus. At the end of the year, some money goes to charity and some is invested back into the business. The rest of the profits, instead of enriching one or two individuals, are returned to all the worker-owners -- a rising tide lifting many boats. . . . This level of emotional and financial investment creates a radically different attitude toward work, Perez says, one emphasizing personal responsibility and flexibility. "If we don't have a boss and I tell you to turn out the lights when you leave, you're going to do it because it means more money for all of us," Perez says. "But if someone is breathing down your neck, you might not." . . . He says he used to work at a big-box retailer. "Corporate America, okay? They don't treat you like human beings. They treat you like robots. Your opinion is not appreciated." . . . There's something else about cooperatives. In an economy with a lot of coops, the number of well-paid, self-directed workers would mean a larger, wealthier middle class, and therefore a healthier community. The goal is a society in which all people, not only the fittest, enjoy economic security. . . . In the United States, some 300 business concerns operate as worker-owned collectives, according to the National Cooperative Business Association. . . . big decisions at these businesses must be made by consensus (that means everyone must agree that they can live with whatever is decided), and the only opportunity to do this is at monthly board meetings. Consequently, it takes a long time to get anything done. . . . Since most people join a collective for a long period of time -- the $1,000 buy-in at the Cheese Board and Pizza Collective is meant to foster commitment -- there's a sense that the relationships cannot be escaped. That seems to force people to figure out how to get along. "This place will humble you," says Perez, "because a lot of people aren't willing to say, 'Hey, can you cut pizza for me today?' to someone they had an argument with yesterday." . . . Then there is the more deeply personal issue of self-motivation. "Everybody thinks they don't want to have a boss," says Baird of the Oakland Arizmendi. "But what they haven't thought about is they don't want to be a boss, either. That is maybe the most revolutionary aspect to what we do here. People have to become in charge of themselves, and not everybody's equipped to do that."

posted by Lorenzo 10:43 AM

Why are we here?

Both the psychedelic dream state and the waking psychedelic state acquire great import because they reveal to life a task: to become familiar with this dimension that is causing being, in order to be familiar with it at the moment of passing from life.
-- Terence McKenna, "New Maps of Hyperspace"

posted by Lorenzo 1:54 PM

Earth is not 'a what'
In the reality outside our limited conceptions, our planet is something we do not yet have an even vaguely accurate metaphor of. The concepts we have crafted and possess are flatter than our early maps of the world were -- in dimensions our knowledge hasn't yet equipped us to recognize or value. . . . So this flattness problem exists in ways we can't yet detect or discuss, and its results have afflicted our species in scalarly amplifying waves of confusion and atrocity since the early introduction of symbolic representation in our ancestors. . . . Earth is not a what, or a thing -- or a god -- she is more like something 'beyond animal' that is alive, complex, and self-aware in ways that put the broken toys of our common models to shame. . . . Just because we don't yet have a decent concept-form to contain or discuss what she is, doesn’t mean we cannot explore models more alike with reality than with our expectations. For example, we can understand that Earth is a transentient hyperstructure. Like our own bodies she magnifies the diverse relation of her myriad constituents into seemingly impossible potentials of consciousness and awareness. . . . As an animal, she invests her organismal, biocognitive, emotional and relational complexity in her children -- of which she is comprised. Each organism on Earth is a complete instance of her, not merely a participant. . . . This means that her children are something entirely unalike another of our common (and brokenly flat) concepts: animal. Organisms on Earth are sentient hyperstructures like Earth -- first -- and 'animals or plants or cells' second -- if at all. . . . Earth is not inhabited by animals. She is comprised scalarly relational dimensions of biocognitive organs. Just like you and I. . . . She only produces that which is instance of her schema. She is not a thing, or an object, at all. What Earth is has nothing to do with inanimacy. She is a cup, into which flowing sunlight pours, and within which an endless living library has been learning itself for more biological time than we could make numbers about. . . . In at least three dimensions, Earth is many times the age of the physical universe she inhabits... and so are you. . . . Earth is a sentience nursery, with powers, transports, and purposes that are so beyond our expectation that none of our stories to date have more than hinted at what is actually here, with(in) and around us: A living library billions of factors the age of our Star. . . . As we rediscover the accessible realities of relation here on Earth, we will cease to long so fervently for contact with other worlds, for we will find, right here in our own biosphere -- that there is nothing else going on. I believe that the direct experience of this is going to change what it means to be human, in a way no one ever imagined. . . . I think it's happening now.

posted by Lorenzo 3:59 PM

A Non-cataclysmic View of the Mayan Calendar
(Dr. Carl J. Calleman and Mr. Ian Lungold)
[COMMENT: This is an extremely thought-provoking essay. What follows is only a small sampling of the issues it raises. We highly recommend that you click on the link above and read this essay in its entirety.]

By following the days on the Mayan calendar, you become entrained or synchronized with the natural cycles that are timed by this calendar. Thus your time becomes more natural and less mechanical. No sweat, no strain, just flow of attention on what day it is. . . . But the Mayan calendar has even broader and more profound implications. As the true meaning of the calendar is solved, it becomes clear that we are living in a creation that evolves according to a pre-set schedule, i.e., the Maya were keeping track of the flow, rate, and intent of Creation itself or the evolution of consciousness throughout Creation. . . . It is not "time" but Creation itself that is accelerating. There are scheduled impulses on the part of Creation that are affecting global events today and during the next 9 years until the Mayan calendar ends near 2012. . . . Consciousness is becoming more aware of who and what it is. . . . So when a person or society has recognized a pattern as great as all of Creation, there is great certainty and centered-ness and there is great Peace of Mind. This is our challenge? educate humanity that the changes scheduled as per the Mayan calendar are for the uplifting of all. They are the sure steps of the continued evolution of Consciousness and the increase in personal choice of experience. . . . The Planetary level occurring 1755 AD is broken up into 13 sections with each of these sections 19.7 years long. The Galactic level occurring January 4, 1999, is broken up into 13 sections with each of these sections only 360 days long. And finally the Universal level to occur February 10, 2011, is broken up into 13 sections with each of these sections only 20 days long! In sum, it is obvious that Creation is speeding up and that more and more is being packed into shorter and shorter periods of time. Each cycle of Creation contains the same amount of advancement and change but each cycle runs 20 times faster! The same amount of change that happened in 1.26 billion years of the Cellular cycle now occurs in 360 days! . . . The Third Night (2004) is another period of Dark. The seedling set of leaves are dropped from the plant as another set of leaves spring from the top. These are at 90 degrees from the last set. In human history failed systems have been jettisoned, usually by force, during this section. . . . The Fifth Night (2008) or period of dark that follows is also the darkest period of each cycle.. In a plant's life this is the growth of the bud. In your history, this was puberty. In all of human history this has been a time of great physical hardship or major conflicts, i.e., the Ilionian Ice Age, the Neanderthals going extinct, Rome falling, and WWII are glaring examples. . . . Let's take another look at where we fall on the Mayan calendar. As we have shown earlier, we are now in the Eighth Level or Galactic Cycle of the calendar. Each of the 13 sections or each Day and Night consists of 360 days. And we have now completed the Third Day. What typically happens during the Third Day? If we look at the Third Day in each of the other cycles, we can see that a very important shift in the progression of the evolution of our consciousness takes place. . . . In human history it is during this section that lies or failed systems are disclosed so that progress is not blocked. It is where truths pour forth. . . . During the Tribal Cycle's Third Day ... certain facts came out during this time that were very basic to our understanding of life today. . . . Basically we are now being given a clear view of the final choice of a future - EVOLUTION or EXTINCTION. We all have free will. We all have the choice. Most of us had already made that choice by the beginning of this Galactic Consciousness Cycle on January 4, 1999. That's right. You can see who has chosen which in your own personal and business relationships, can't you? . . . From 1755 AD up to today, Consciousness has been applied to developing means of empowerment over the environment and each other with machines and weapons of mass destruction. This is commonly known as the Industrial Revolution.The new Galactic consciousness cycle which began on January 4, 1999, is one based on ETHICS, the definition of which is "the deft application of power." At the outset, these two types of consciousness were directly opposed. There will be a train wreck. Once the pieces have been reassembled, the power that we now have at our disposal will be applied in an ethical manner for the benefit of all, not just a few. Those few are desperate and running from the light of new consciousness. . . . America is a plot of ground no more important than Africa or Asia. We should have no more privilege than anyone else on earth. Nationalism is becoming extinct. It happened to the dinosaurs. And it happened to the Neanderthals. The wheels of the power train are going to leave the tracks. . . . As the Mayan calendar clearly shows, Creation is speeding up and presenting more and more of itself in each moment. This means that more and more is possible to be experienced and compared by Consciousness. The Mayan calendar ends on October 28, 2011, by which time Creation's exposure rate will have accelerated such that it presents itself in total, all in one moment thus ending any and all considerations of time and space as any barrier to Consciousness. The path to this moment leads us through the Galactic consciousness cycle that we are currently in to the Universal consciousness cycle that begins on February 10, 2011. In this 260 day period, Consciousness will be experiencing more and more of what it is NOT until the certainty sets in that we are indeed - NO THING! Start answering the new question, "What am I not?" today and watch your existence change forever. . . . What will be the medium of exchange in the future? It will have evolved into a spiritual exchange to that which is admired. Particles of admiration. Love. That's all you were ever doing in the first place. How much was a blanket worth? As much as you admired it. Its true value was based upon how much you admired. Humanity will be investing in what is admirable and nothing else. Your TRUTH, your ETHICS, your INTEGRITY is what will sustain you through all the changes. Therefore, you must have the courage to create what you wish to experience. . . . All this boils down to decision time. You can decide to stay on the power train and hunt down the almighty dollar. Or, you can choose integrity. . . . The whole three dimensional universe is going to be going through this at the same time. Other dimensions have already gone through this. We're separated on purpose through the plan. Technology will go extinct and Spirit will take over. There will be no more sickness, lack, hunger. Consciousness is already creating this. We will be experiencing this. During the Sixth Night, a 360 day period, we will be experiencing BLISS, liberation, and be in a period of experimentation and getting ready for what is to come. . . . You will possess the confirmed knowledge that you are Divine. You will be able to demonstrate that everything is possible. There will be the complete absolution of any limit. . . . And what this means to us is that we must get unloaded from who we thought we were. We are not a machinist, not a computer specialist, etc. We must ask ourselves: "What am I NOT?" I'm not my house, not my car, not my relationships. We are NO THING. Once we realize this, it will then be pretty easy to go through the eye of a needle. . . . We are raising our vibrations to change our cellular memory. What you pay attention to is what will occur. We will be co-creators of new reality. . . . Earth is going to change dramatically. It has done so before but then it was a slower process. ... Where Are You Safe? You will be safe if you stay focused on your INTUITION and look to it for guidance. . . . We cannot emphasize too much that it is important to remain detached and to not get caught up in the drama that is unfolding all around you. It is so important to remember especially at times of great dramatic impact that your safety lies within. Your answers lie within. You can access this knowing at any time. It is a feeling that you feel. Something will feel "right" or it will feel "off" or "wrong." Trust your feelings. Don't let anyone talk you out of them. . . . If something does not feel altogether true for you, TRUST that feeling. You must also trust in the plan for your life. Your life will bring you into perfect contact with the experiences needed for the fulfillment of your life's plan. . . . Think on the principle of the gyroscope. It is a centered axle with change all around it. The faster the change, the more stable the gyroscope. This is the basic benefit of the new information on the schedule of Creation. It allows a person to achieve the recognition of pattern, on a scale unprecedented in our human history. If you are able to pay attention to the unfolding pattern of Creation, this is what you will be conscious of. The speed of change and the continued disclosure of the nature of Creation will become a stabilizing force in your existence. . . . the changes scheduled as per the Mayan calendar are for the uplifting of all. They are the sure steps of the continued evolution of Consciousness and the increase in personal choice of experience - a return of personal absolute sovereignty. It is not the "end of times," the coming of a disastrous "event," but rather the beginning of a New Age, an evolving of a new Consciousness.

[COMMENT: If you read this essay in full, you will discover that this theory is eerily coincident with Terence McKenna's theory of TimewaveZero.]

posted by Lorenzo 6:45 PM

Prophetic words from 1973
Human consciousness is crossing a threshold as mighty as the one from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance. People are hungering and thirsting after experience that feels true to them on the inside, after so much hard work mapping the outer spaces of the physical world. . . . Our relationship to past symbols of authority is changing because we are awakening to ourselves as individual beings with an inner rulership. Property and credentials and status are not as intimidating any more. . . . New symbols are rising: pictures of wholeness. Freedom sings within us as well as outside us. . . . Sages and seers have foretold this second coming. People don't want to feel stuck, they want to be able to change.
-- M.C. Richards

posted by Lorenzo 1:32 PM

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