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US plans huge show of force in Pacific
(Ching Cheong, TheStraightsTimes, June 30, 2004)
Seven aircraft carriers to move within striking distance of China; Taiwan forces slated to join in drill . . . The United States is planning a massive show of force in the Pacific Ocean near China to register a point with Beijing. . . . In an exercise codenamed Operation Summer Pulse 04, it is expected to arrange for an unprecedented seven aircraft carrier strike groups (CSGs) to rendezvous in waters a safe distance away from the Chinese coastline - but still within striking distance - after mid-July. . . . This will be the first time in US naval history that it sends seven of its 12 CSGs [sic] to just one region. . . . Although the statement does not say where the seven CSGs will exercise, the Status of the Navy website said the USS Carl Vinson, Abraham Lincoln, John C Stennis and Kitty Hawk were in the Pacific Ocean as of yesterday. . . . Sources in Beijing say China's reading is that Summer Pulse is being mounted with it as the target audience, a suspicion reinforced by reports that Taiwanese forces are slated to join in the drill. . . . Clearly, given Beijing's repeated warning that it will use force, as a last resort and whatever the cost, to stop Taiwanese independence, the US feels it needs to send Beijing a message. . . . From past deployment patterns, the US usually despatches one CSG to a trouble spot as a reminder of its presence. . . . In a combat situation, it deploys three to four, which was what it did in the Gulf War in the early 1990s and the recent Iraqi war. . . . But never before has it sent in peace time seven CSGs to the same theatre. . . . The implications for China are grave. . . . According to Kanwa Defence News, which specialises in Chinese military matters, Beijing can cope with just one CSG currently. . . . 'But in five to 10 years, it can certainly take on seven,' said Mr Chang Hong-yi, head of Kanwa, in an interview with The Straits Times. . . . 'China's military potential is enormous and in terms of military technology, the gap with the US is closing fast,' he added. . . . Politically, Summer Pulse is likely to be seen by many Chinese as naked intimidation. . . . 'This is gunboat diplomacy in the 21st century,' the source remarked, adding that it would remind the Chinese people of their century-long deep humiliation by Western powers - and put Sino-US relations at peril.
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posted by Lorenzo 6:57 PM

Is Google Censoring Michael Moore?
Two very popular search phrases Michael Moore movie and Michael Moore film both insert the idea that Michael hates America in the number one slots at www.google.com. Industry experts are at a loss why the site at http://www.michaelmoorehatesamerica.com/ could ever hope to keyword rank in the top one hundred, let alone the prime number one. . . . Whether or not you agree with all Michael has to say, we've noticed a trend whereby anyone who bucks the system is automatically called "unpatriotic". America needs free thinking people who have different ideas on how things run. . . . Dissension is not unpatriotic. It is the fundamental basis by which our great country was founded. Have we really reached the point where special interests have bought and sold democracy so many times over that our elected officials are beyond reproach for even discussing the idea of accountability? . . . History has repeatedly taught us that those with the power will abuse it. In the case of our own nation, it would seem that the main prerequisite for presidency is to carry so much excess baggage through prior debts, owed favors, outside obligations, special interest groups, and campaign donations, that qualification for candidacy is simultaneously a reason for instant disqualification.

[COMMENT: This is an important story, and we highly recommend clicking the link above and reading this story in its entirety.]
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posted by Lorenzo 3:16 PM

Saudi Arabia, Peak Oil, The CIA, & The Bush Team

( by Michael Ruppert, fromthewilderness.com, 9 June 2004)

Given that energy is becoming the most important issue on the planet today, if you were the CIA, you might be a little pissed off at the Plame leak. But there may be justification to do more than be angry. Anger happens all the time in Washington. This is something else.

One of the most important intelligence prizes today - especially after recent stories in major outlets like the New York Times reporting that Saudi oil production has peaked and gone into irreversible decline - would be to know of a certainty whether those reports are correct. The Saudis are denying it vehemently but they are being strongly refuted by an increasing amount of hard data. The truth remains unproven. But the mere possibility has set the world's financial markets on edge. Saudi Oil Minister Ali Naimi came to Washington on April 27th to put out the fires. It was imperative that he calm everybody's nerves as the markets were screaming, "Say it ain't so!"

Naimi said emphatically that there was nothing to worry about concerning either Saudi reserves or ARAMCO's ability to increase production. There was plenty of oil and no need for concern.

FTW covered and reported on that event. Writer and energy expert Julian Darley noted that there were some very important ears in the room, listening very closely. He also noted that Naimi's "scientific" data and promises of large future discoveries did not sit well many who are well versed in oil production and delivery.

[See FTW's June 2nd story, "Saudi's Missing Barrels" and our May 2003 story, "Paris Peak Oil Conference Reveals Deepening Crisis." In that story FTW editor Mike Ruppert was the first to report on credible new information that Saudi Arabia had possibly peaked.]

If anybody has the real data on Saudi fields it is either ARAMCO or the highest levels of the Saudi royal family.

The answer to the Saudi peak question will determine whether Saudi Arabia really can increase production quickly, as promised. If they can't, then the US economy is going to suffer bitterly, and it is certain that the Saudi monarchy will collapse into chaos. Then the nearby US military will occupy the oilfields and the U.S. will ultimately Balkanize the country by carving off the oil fields - which occupy only a small area near the East coast. That U.S. enclave would then provide sanctuary to the leading members of the royal family who will have agreed to keep their trillions invested in Wall Street so the US economy doesn't collapse.

So far the Saudis haven't had to prove that they could increase production due to convenient terror attacks at oil fields, and more "debates" within OPEC.
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posted by moshido praxis 8:01 PM

Globalisation's Ugly Underside
(Richard K. Moore, War on Terror: The Police State Agenda)
Propaganda tells us that globalisation is simply the continuation of 'natural' trends in technology, trade, and commerce. This is not true. Globalisation represents an intentional and radical policy shift on the part of the global capitalist elite. . . . Globalisation amounts to four radical changes in the world system. These are (1) the destabilisation of and removal of sovereignty from Western nation states, (2) the establishment of an essentially fascist world government under the direct control of the capitalist elite, (3) the greatly accelerated exploitation and suppression of the third-world, and (4) the gradual downgrading of Western living conditions toward third-world standards. By these means, elites hope to achieve yet another round of capital growth.
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posted by Lorenzo 5:14 PM

The enemy is nothing less than global fascism
(Richard K. Moore, War on Terror: The Police State Agenda)
[COMMENT: What follows is a very small piece of an article we think everyone should read in its entirety in order to fully grasp the extent of the terrible situation the human race now finds itself in. The link above will take you to the full text of this important essay.]
Already Greenpeace and many other progressive organisations are categorised as 'terrorist' in the FBI lexicon. And it is the anti-globalisation movement, which includes such organisations, which is the real threat to the global capitalist elite. Agent-provocateur tactics have already been used against the movement, from Seattle to Genoa, and in the media the movement has been falsely portrayed as being essentially a violent movement. When Colin Powell talks about going after "other forms of terrorism", it seems very clear that the movement will be systematically suppressed on a global scale. The overt fascism we saw in Genoa will be raising its ugly head in the US, Germany, the UK, and elsewhere. Right-wing paranoia about Federally-managed concentration camps in the USA will soon seem much less paranoid. . . . George Bush senior announced the New World Order, and it seems that George Bush junior is destined to complete its implementation. With a blank check to dominate the globe militarily, and to suppress the American people in the name of 'security', there seems to be little to stand in his way. This does not mean that the movement should give up. It means that the movement needs to be aware that the game being played is totally hardball. And hardball does not mean violence, at least not on the part of the movement. Hardball means we need to realise that the enemy is nothing less than global fascism. The sooner we realise that and organise accordingly, the greater chance we have of changing things while there are still human beings alive and out of prison on this Earth.
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posted by Lorenzo 4:47 PM

Pope and Romans Give Bush Hell
(Rachel Sanderson and Steve Holland, Reuters, June 4, 2004)
Pope John Paul and anti-war protesters delivered a common message to President Bush when he visited Rome on Friday -- return Iraq to Iraqis. . . . Thousands marched across the city massed behind a large banner reading "No War -- No Bush." . . . Riot police with shields and batons scuffled with small groups of masked protesters, some of whom threw bottles and flares, but there were no reports of serious injuries. . . . The pope, who strongly opposed the U.S.-led war in Iraq, met Bush and spoke of his concern about the "grave unrest" in the Middle East. He called for the "speedy return of Iraq's sovereignty." . . . "It is the evident desire of everyone that this situation now be normalized as quickly as possible with the active participation of the international community and, in particular, the United Nations organization," the 84-year-old pontiff said. . . . Bush responded by telling the pope he would work for "human liberty and human dignity." He made no direct mention of Iraq or the prison abuse scandal that angered the Vatican. . . . Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, a staunch Bush ally, had warned of violent protests. Fears of a repeat of the mayhem that marred a G8 summit in Genoa in July 2001 led Italy to bolster security massively until Bush leaves on Saturday. . . . Organizers estimated more than 100,000 took part in the march. . . . The protesters were kept away from Bush, whose motorcade of around 20 vehicles swept past lines of riot police. . . . Most Italians opposed last year's invasion of Iraq and many want Rome to withdraw its 2,700 troops stationed there, a move Berlusconi's government has rejected. . . . "I'm here to show my revulsion of our Fuehrer George Bush and his servant Berlusconi," said Giorgio Faleri, a 25-year-old student from Pisa who was carrying an Iraqi flag. . . . Pictures of the visit [with the pope] may help woo Catholic voters in Bush's November re-election bid.
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posted by Lorenzo 11:54 AM

How Much Is Hussein's Departure Worth?
(Harry Browne, May 27, 2004)
Despite all that's gone wrong with "Operation Iraqi Freedom" (such as the lack of freedom for Iraqis), we still hear over and over that "the world is a better place with Saddam Hussein gone." . . . Is it really? . . . Everything in life has a price -- even getting rid of Saddam Hussein. Any goal or result must be compared with the price to be paid -- in order to determine whether the goal is, or was, worth it. No goal can be said to be worth any price. . . . the price comes in the number of human lives that are snuffed out. . . . So we must ask ourselves: How many human lives are a proper price to pay for the removal of Saddam Hussein? . . . Would you say removing Hussein would be worth it if a million people -- Americans and Iraqis -- had to die to achieve it? . . . If the answer is no, let's try a lower price. How about 100,000? . . . If that's too many, how about 10,000 lives being snuffed out to remove one man from power? . . . Let's make is simpler. Rather than throwing numbers around, let's ask just one question: Would removing Hussein be worth it if the cost were just one human life -- but that life was yours? . . . Would you be willing to die to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq? . . . If the answer is no, then anything you have to say about the world being a better place now -- about collateral damage -- about the glory of soldiers sacrificing their lives for their country -- is meaningless. You're not willing to pay the price. . . . Everyone who has died so far in Iraq had a life that meant as much to him as your life means to you. But now that life is gone, done, finished, nevermore. . . . By supporting the war in Iraq, you have supported the idea that it's okay to kill people -- other people. . . . But until you're willing to volunteer to be one of those killed, your words don't carry any weight.
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posted by Lorenzo 4:00 PM

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