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posted by Lorenzo 3:22 PM

Gaza war crime claims gather pace as more troops speak out
(Peter Beaumont, The Observer, 22 March 2009)
An investigation by a group of former Israeli soldiers has uncovered new evidence of the military's conduct during the assault on Gaza two months ago. According to the group Breaking the Silence, the witness statements of the 15 soldiers who have come forward to describe their concerns over Operation Cast Lead appear to corroborate claims of random killings and vandalism carried out during the operation made by a separate group of anonymous servicemen during a seminar at a military college. . . . Although Breaking the Silence's report is not due to be published for several months, the testimony it has received already suggests widespread abuses stemming from orders originating with the Israeli military chain of command. . . . "This is not a military that we recognise," said Mikhael Manekin, one of the former soldiers involved with the group. "This is in a different category to things we have seen before. We have spoken to a lot of different people who served in different places in Gaza, including officers. We are not talking about some units being more aggressive than others, but underlying policy. So much so that we are talking to soldiers who said that they were having to restrain the orders given." . . . Manekin described how soldiers had reported their units being specifically warned by officers not to discuss what they had seen and done in Gaza. . . . The outlines of the evidence gathered comes hard on the heels of the disclosure by the Oranim Academy's pre-military course last week of devastating witness accounts supplied by soldiers involved in the fighting, including the "unjustified" shooting of civilians. . . . The claims appear to add credence to widespread claims of Israeli soldiers firing on civilians, made by Palestinians to journalists and international investigators and lawyers who entered Gaza at the end of the conflict and in its aftermath. . . . With Israeli newspapers threatening new disclosures, the New York Times has weighed in with an interview with a reservist describing the rules of engagement for the Gaza operation. Amir Marmor, a 33-year-old military reservist, told the newspaper that he was stunned to discover the way civilian casualties were discussed in training talks before his tank unit entered Gaza in January. . . . "Shoot and don't worry about the consequences" was the message from commanders, said Marmor. Describing the behaviour of a lieutenant-colonel who briefed the troops, Marmor added: "His whole demeanour was extremely gung-ho. This is very, very different from my usual experience. I have been doing reserve duty for 12 years, and it was always an issue how to avoid causing civilian injuries. He said that in this operation, we are not taking any chances. Morality aside, we have to do our job. We will cry about it later." . . . These are not the first allegations of war crimes levelled at the Israeli military. Last Thursday, the special rapporteur to the UN Human Rights Council, Richard Falk, said that the assault on Gaza appeared to be a "war crime of the greatest magnitude" and called on the UN to establish an experts' group to investigate potential violations. . . . Attempts by the Israeli media to publish the rules of engagement for the Gaza campaign have been blocked by the military censor, but in the past couple of weeks the contents of those rules have begun to to emerge in anecdotal evidence - suggesting strongly that soldiers were told to avoid Israeli casualties at all costs by means of the massive use of firepower in a densely populated urban environment. . . . Worrying new questions have also been raised about the culture of the Israeli military, indicating a high level of dehumanisation and disregard for Palestinians among the chain of command and even among the military rabbinate. . . . An investigation by reporter Uri Blau, published on Friday in Haaretz, disclosed how Israeli soldiers were ordering T-shirts to mark the end of operations, featuring grotesque images including dead babies, mothers weeping by their children's graves, a gun aimed at a child and bombed-out mosques. . . . Another T-shirt designed for infantry snipers bears the inscription "Better use Durex" next to a picture of a dead Palestinian baby, with his weeping mother and a teddy bear beside him. A shirt designed for the Givati Brigade's Shaked battalion depicts a pregnant Palestinian woman with a bull's-eye superimposed on her belly, with the slogan, in English, "1 shot, 2 kills". . . . The claims have sparked a bitter debate within Israel's defence forces and wider society over the "morality" of the IDF and its behaviour in Gaza. . . . Since the first claims appeared, other Israeli media have run articles criticising the head of the military academy who revealed the soldiers' testimony, while others have run interviews with soldiers denying that the IDF had been involved in any wrong-doing and questioning the motives of those who had come forward.

posted by Lorenzo 11:11 AM

CIA Predicts the End of Israel within 20 Years
The CIA report predicts "an inexorable movement away from a two-state to a one-state solution, as the most viable model based on democratic principles of full equality that sheds the looming specter of colonial Apartheid while allowing for the return of the 1947/1948 and 1967 refugees. The latter being the precondition for sustainable peace in the region."

The study, which has been made available only to a certain number of individuals, further forecasts the return of all Palestinian refugees to the occupied territories, and the exodus of two million Israeli - who would move to the US in the next fifteen years.

CIA, in its report, alludes to the unexpectedly quick fall of the apartheid government in South Africa and recalls the disintegration of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, suggesting the end to the dream of an 'Israeli land' would happen 'way sooner' than later.

The study further predicts the return of over one and a half million Israelis to Russia and other parts of Europe, and denotes a decline in Israeli births whereas a rise in the Palestinian population.

Lamb said given the Israeli conduct toward the Palestinians and the Gaza strip in particular, the American public -- which has been voicing its protest against Tel Aviv's measures in the last 25 years -- may 'not take it anymore'.

Some members of the US Senate Intelligence Committee have been informed of the report.

[COMMENT by Lorenzo: So it's a rush to the bottom. Who will fall first Israel or the U.S.?]

posted by Lorenzo 3:57 PM

A Better Alternative for Peace in the Middle East

posted by Lorenzo 10:13 AM

Israel's Supporters Seek Palestinian Holocaust
(Max Blumenthal, AlterNet,January 13, 2009)
On January 11, an estimated 10,000 people rallied in front of the Israeli consulate in midtown New York in support of Israel's attack on the Gaza Strip. The rally, which was organized by UJA-Federation of New York and the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York in cooperation with the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, featured speeches by New York's most senior lawmakers. . . . Sen. Chuck Schumer highlighted Israel's supposed humanitarian methods of warfare by pointing to its text messaging of certain Gaza Strip residents urging them to vacate their homes before Israeli forces bombed them. "What other country would do that?" Schumer shouted from the podium. [COMMENT by Lorenzo: Is Schumer simply crazy? If this is his idea of compassion he is a terribly sick man and should be institutionalized immediately. ... Oh, I forgot. He already is in a nut-house ... the U.S. Senate.] . . . hatred was plentiful at the rally Paterson addressed. Right in front of the stage, a man held a banner reading, "Islam Is A Death Cult." Rally attendees described the people of Gaza to me as a "cancer," called for Israel to "wipe them all out," insisting, "They are forcing us to kill their children in order to defend our own children." A young woman told me, "Those who die are suffering God’s wrath." "They are not distinguishing between civilians and military, so why should we?" said a member of the group of messianic Orthodox Jewish Chabad-Lubavitch group that flocked to the rally. . . . No one I spoke to could seem to find any circumstance in which they would begin to question Israel’s war. No number of civilian deaths, no displays of extreme suffering -- nothing could deter their enthusiasm for attacking one of the most vulnerable populations in the world with the world’s most advanced weaponry. There are no limits, no matter what Israel does, no matter how it does it. . . . The rally made me think of a passage in "The Holocaust Is Over, We Must Rise From Its Ashes," a powerful new book by former Israeli Knesset speaker and Jewish National Fund chairman Avraham Burg: "If you are a bad person, a whining enemy or a strong-arm occupier, you are not my brother, even if you are circumcised, observe the Sabbath, and do mitzvahs. If your scarf covers every hair on your head for modest, you give alms and do charity, but what is under your scarf is dedicated to the sanctity of Jewish land, taking precedence over the sanctity of human life, whosever life that is, then your are not my sister. You might be my enemy. A good Arab or a righteous gentile will be a brother or sister to me. A wicked man, even of Jewish descent, is my adversary, and I would stand on the other side of the barricade and fight him to the end."

posted by Lorenzo 10:31 AM

The Money Behind Israel-Hamas Conflict

posted by Lorenzo 2:39 PM

Jimmy Carter: Israel's 'apartheid' policies worse than South Africa's

(Haaretz Service, December 12, 2006)
Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter said in remarks broadcast Monday that Israeli policy in the West Bank represented instances of apartheid worse even that those that once held sway in South Africa. . . . Carter's comments were broadcast on Israel Radio, which played a tape of an interview with the ex-president . . . "When Israel does occupy this territory deep within the West Bank, and connects the 200-or-so settlements with each other, with a road, and then prohibits the Palestinians from using that road, or in many cases even crossing the road, this perpetrates even worse instances of apartness, or apartheid, than we witnessed even in South Africa." . . . "The hope is that my book will at least stimulate a debate, which has not existed in this country. There's never been any debate on this issue, of any significance." . . . The book has sparked strong criticism from Jewish figures in the United States. Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, has said that some comments from the former president border on anti-Semitism. . . . Carter has rejected the criticism of the book and its use of the word apartheid. . . . "I feel completely at ease," said Carter, about his commitment to the book, which accuses Israel of oppressing Palestinians. "I am not running for office. And I have Secret Service protection." . . . "The greatest commitment in my life has been trying to bring peace to Israel," Carter told the Atlanta Press Club last week. . . . "Israel will never have peace until they agree to withdraw [from the territories]."

posted by Lorenzo 7:08 PM

Jimmy Carter: Israel's 'apartheid' policies worse than South Africa's

(Haaretz Service, December 12, 2006)
Former U.S. president Jimmy Carter said in remarks broadcast Monday that Israeli policy in the West Bank represented instances of apartheid worse even that those that once held sway in South Africa. . . . Carter's comments were broadcast on Israel Radio, which played a tape of an interview with the ex-president . . . "When Israel does occupy this territory deep within the West Bank, and connects the 200-or-so settlements with each other, with a road, and then prohibits the Palestinians from using that road, or in many cases even crossing the road, this perpetrates even worse instances of apartness, or apartheid, than we witnessed even in South Africa." . . . "The hope is that my book will at least stimulate a debate, which has not existed in this country. There's never been any debate on this issue, of any significance." . . . The book has sparked strong criticism from Jewish figures in the United States. Abraham H. Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, has said that some comments from the former president border on anti-Semitism. . . . Carter has rejected the criticism of the book and its use of the word apartheid. . . . "I feel completely at ease," said Carter, about his commitment to the book, which accuses Israel of oppressing Palestinians. "I am not running for office. And I have Secret Service protection." . . . "The greatest commitment in my life has been trying to bring peace to Israel," Carter told the Atlanta Press Club last week. . . . "Israel will never have peace until they agree to withdraw [from the territories]."

posted by Lorenzo 7:08 PM

Israel Massacres Women and Children in Gaza Attack
(BBC News, 8 November 2006)
At least 18 Palestinians have been killed and 40 wounded by Israeli tank fire in the northern Gaza town of Beit Hanoun, Palestinian sources have said. . . . Palestinian officials said a barrage of tank shells hit civilian homes, and women and children were among the dead. . . . Palestinian leaders have called for an emergency UN Security Council meeting to force Israel to stop military raids. . . . The Palestinian prime minister, Hamas's Ismail Haniya, denounced the Israeli attack as an "awful massacre" and said talks on forming Palestinian unity government would be suspended. . . . Palestinian hospital officials said 13 of the dead belonged to the same family, and two of them were women and six were children. . . . The Israelis withdrew from the town on Tuesday following a major offensive centred in Beit Hanoun. . . . More than 60 Palestinians and an Israeli soldier were killed in a week-long operation that Israel says was aimed at stopping militant rocket fire into Israel from Gaza. [COMMENT by Lorenzo: So the Zionists are killing 60 Palestinians for each soldier they lose . . . SAVAGES they are!] . . . TV footage from Beit Hanoun showed the victims being taken to hospital in their sleeping clothes, some with terrible injuries. . . . "It is the saddest scene and images I have ever seen. We saw legs, we saw heads, we saw hands scattered in the street," 22-year-old eyewitness Attaf Hamad told Reuters news agency. . . . "I saw people coming out of a house covered in blood. I started screaming to wake up the neighbours." . . . A local Hamas leader has called for the group to resume suicide bombings inside Israel, a policy suspended two years ago by the main militant faction. . . . "Israel should be wiped from the face of the Earth. It is an animal state that recognises no human worth. It is a cancer that should be eradicated," said Ghazi Hamad, a spokesman for the Hamas-led government. . . . Israeli forces also killed a 17-year-old civilian near Jabaliya refugee camp, hospital officials in Gaza said. . . . Earlier, in a separate incident, five Palestinians were killed in an Israeli army raid near the West Bank town of Jenin.

posted by Lorenzo 7:27 AM

Israel committing war crimes in Gaza
(Roee Nahmias, yNetNews, November 3, 2006)
Knesset Member Ahmad Tibi (United Arab List – Ta'al) met in Cairo Thursday with Palestinian Liberation Organization Politburo Chief Farouk Kaddoumi to discuss, among other things, the IDF operation in the Gaza Strip. . . . Following the meeting the two said Israel was committing war crimes in Beit Hanoun and called on the international community to intervene. . . . "We dealt mainly with the IDF activity in Gaza," Tibi told Ynet. "Kaddoumi described it as war crimes, and I agreed with him." . . . The recent appointment of Minister Avigdor Lieberman was also raised during the meeting. "Kaddoumi asked where the extreme Israeli government is headed," Tibi said.

posted by Lorenzo 10:34 AM

How Israel is Engineering the "Clash of Civilizations"
(Jonathan Cook, Counterpunch, September 23/24, 2006)
The fresh claims about a new anti-Semitism began life in the spring of 2002, with the English-language website of Israel's respected liberal daily newspaper, Haaretz, flagging for many months a special online supplement of articles on the "New anti-Semitism", warning that the "age-old hatred" was being revived in Europe and America. . . . Like its precursors, argued Israel's apologists, the latest wave of anti-Semitism was the responsibility of Western progressive movements -- though with a fresh twist. An ever-present but largely latent Western anti-Semitism was being stoked into frenzy by the growing political and intellectual influence of extremist Muslim immigrants. The implication was that an unholy alliance had been spawned between the left and militant Islam. . . . Netanyahu proposed "lancing the boil" by beginning an aggressive public relations campaign of "self-defence". A month later Israel's president, Moshe Katsav, picked on the softest target of all, warning during a state visit that the fight against anti-Semitism must begin in Germany, where "voices of anti-Semitism can be heard". . . . But, as ever, the main target of the new anti-Semitism campaign were audiences in the US, Israel's generous patron. There, members of the Israel lobby were turning into a chorus of doom. . . . In the early stages of the campaign, the lobby's real motivation was not concealed: it wanted to smother a fledgling debate by American civil society, particularly the churches and universities, to divest -- withdraw their substantial investments -- from Israel in response to Operation Defensive Shield. . . . The first aim, and possibly the best understood, was to stifle all criticism of Israel, particularly in the US. During the course of 2003 it became increasingly apparent to journalists like myself that the American media, and soon much of the European media, was growing shy of printing even the mild criticism of Israel it usually allowed. By the time Israel began stepping up the pace of construction of its monstrous wall across the West Bank in spring 2003, editors were reluctant to touch the story. . . . As the fourth estate fell silent, so did many of the progressive voices in our universities and churches. Divestment was entirely removed from the agenda. McCarthyite organisations like CampusWatch helped enforce the reign of intimidation. . . . Sharon took advantage of the manufactured climate of fear in July 2004 to claim that France was in the grip of "the wildest anti-Semitism", urging French Jews to come to Israel. . . . The third goal, however, had not seen before. It tied the rise of a new anti-Semitism with the increase of Islamic fundamentalism in the West, implying that Muslim extremists were asserting an ideological control over Western thinking. It chimed well with the post 9-11 atmosphere. . . . In this spirit, American Jewish academics like David Goldhagen characterised anti-Semitism as constantly "evolving". . . . This final goal of the proponents of "the new anti-Semitism" was so successful because it could be easily conflated with other ideas associated with America's war on terror, such as the clash of civilisations. If it was "us" versus "them", then the new anti-Semitism posited from the outset that the Jews were on the side of the angels. It fell to the Christian West to decide whether to make a pact with good (Judaism, Israel, civilisation) or evil (Islam, Osama bin Laden, Londonistan). . . . We are far from reaching the end of this treacherous road, both because the White House is bankrupt of policy initiatives apart from its war on terror, and because Israel's place is for the moment assured at the heart of the US administration's neoconservative agenda.

[Click the link above to read the complete article.]

posted by Lorenzo 8:11 AM

Non-Aligned Nations Slam Israel's Aggression
(Herb Keinon, Jerusalem Post, September 20, 2006)
A Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) "final document" praising Lebanon for its "heroic resistance to the Israeli aggression" has irked government officials in Jerusalem because some countries with close bilateral ties with Israel are a part of the movement and, as such, ostensibly signed off on the resolution. . . . According to the 143rd clause of the 280-clause final document, "The Heads of State or Government expressed solidarity with and support for the Government and people of Lebanon, hailed their heroic resistance to the Israeli aggression, and emphasized the primordial importance of Lebanon's national unity and stability." . . . Among the NAM members are India, Thailand, Ethiopia, Kenya, the Philippines, Honduras and Guatemala, all countries with which Israel has strong relations. . . . "A document like this is used by all those who want to censure Israel, saying 'look what a 118-country movement has to say,'" the official said. . . . He added that it gave a "kosher certificate" to the most blatantly anti-Israel rhetoric. . . . As expected, other clauses in the document that dealt with Israel and the Palestinians were extremely critical. . . . For instance, clause 135 "strongly condemned Israel's continuation and escalation of its military aggression against the Palestinian civilian population in the Gaza Strip" and said that "such unlawful actions by the occupying Power constitute grave breaches of international law, i.e. reported war crimes, for which the perpetrators must be held accountable and brought to justice."

posted by Lorenzo 5:01 AM

General says 'troops died for political spin'
(Ynet News, 14 September 2006)
Former IDF Chief of Staff Moshe Yaalon continued his attack against the military and political echelons in the aftermath of the war in Lebanon and called on Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and current Chief of Staff Dan Halutz to resign. . . . In an interview to "Haaretz" magazine, Yaalon slammed the decision to launch a ground operation, during which 33 soldiers were killed. . . . "This move was part of a (political) spin; it had no distinct military purpose," he said. "It was aimed at providing a sense of victory. You cannot act in such a way. You do not send soldiers to carry out a futile mission after the political results have already been determined. To me this is corrupt." . . . Asked specifically whether the soldiers died for the sake of a political spin, Yaalon said "Yes, and this is why people must resign. You do not need a commission of inquiry for this; those who made the decisions should take responsibility and step down." . . . "Olmert cannot say 'I didn’t know.' Even if he does not have military experience and never acted as defense minister, he knows how you go to war; this is not how it’s done. . . . Yaalon didn't spare Halutz either, saying, "He should have resigned as soon as the operation ended. The IDF chief of staff failed in managing the war. He gave the political echelon a feeling it had more ability than it actually did to accomplish a political victory with aggressive military action. . . . He added: "Halutz went into the war without defining it as a war, maybe without realizing it was a war. He didn't understand the significance of the steps he was taking. He didn't recruit the reserves in time, he didn't open the military war reserves store unit in time, and he didn't activate senior command positions. He ran the war from an office."

posted by Lorenzo 10:26 AM

IDF commander: We fired more than a million cluster bombs in Lebanon
(Meron Rappaport, Haaretz, 13 September 2006)
"What we did was insane and monstrous, we covered entire towns in cluster bombs," the head of an IDF rocket unit in Lebanon said regarding the use of cluster bombs and phosphorous shells during the war. . . . Quoting his battalion commander, the rocket unit head stated that the IDF fired around 1,800 cluster bombs, containing over 1.2 million cluster bomblets. . . . In addition, soldiers in IDF artillery units testified that the army used phosphorous shells during the war, widely forbidden by international law. According to their claims, the vast majority of said explosive ordinance was fired in the final 10 days of the war. . . . The rocket unit commander stated that Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) platforms were heavily used in spite of the fact that they were known to be highly inaccurate. . . . The basic rocket fired by the platform is unguided and imprecise, with a range of about 32 kilometers. The rockets are designed to burst into sub-munitions at a planned altitude in order to blanket enemy army and personnel on the ground with smaller explosive rounds. . . . The use of such weaponry is controversial mainly due to its inaccuracy and ability to wreak great havoc against indeterminate targets over large areas of territory, with a margin of error of as much as 1,200 meters from the intended target to the area hit. . . . The cluster rounds which don't detonate on impact, believed by the United Nations to be around 40% of those fired by the IDF in Lebanon, remain on the ground as unexploded munitions, effectively littering the landscape with thousands of land mines which will continue to claim victims long after the war has ended. . . . Because of their high level of failure to detonate, it is believed that there are around 500,000 unexploded munitions on the ground in Lebanon. To date 12 Lebanese civilians have been killed by these mines since the end of the war. . . . It has come to light that IDF soldiers fired phosphorous rounds in order to cause fires in Lebanon. An artillery commander has admitted to seeing trucks loaded with phosphorous rounds on their way to artillery crews in the north of Israel. . . . A direct hit from a phosphorous shell typically causes severe burns and a slow, painful death. . . . International law forbids the use of weapons that cause "excessive injury and unnecessary suffering", and many experts are of the opinion that phosphorous rounds fall directly in that category. . . . The International Red Cross has determined that international law forbids the use of phosphorous and other types of flammable rounds against personnel, both civilian and military.

posted by Lorenzo 7:22 AM

Russia calls for independent investigation of Israel's cluster bomb use
(RIA Novosti, September 9, 2006)
The Russian foreign minister said Friday that Russia supports an independent investigation into Israel's alleged use of cluster bombs in Lebanon. . . . "I believe that in the interests of everyone and for the sake of turning this page, it is necessary to hold such an investigation, to determine the facts and to not leave any disagreements," Sergei Lavrov said. . . . Israel's military operations in Lebanon began July 12 after the radical Islamic group Hizbollah killed three Israeli servicemen and captured two others in a cross-border raid. . . . Before the August 14 ceasefire, Israeli military operations claimed the lives of about 1,000 Lebanese civilians, forced nearly a quarter of the country's population to flee their homes, and demolished large parts of the country's infrastructure. . . . "In the last days and hours of the Lebanese war, when the UN resolution 1701 was already coordinated, many questions arose concerning how the war was waged and why such intensity was displayed after the resolution had been concluded," Lavrov said. . . . He said Israel claimed that all the weapons it used in Lebanon conformed to international norms and conventions. . . . "An investigation is being held now by request of the Lebanese authorities," the minister said. "I believe it will do no harm if an independent source will help to clarify the situation."

posted by Lorenzo 6:55 PM

The Beginning of the End for Israel
(Nathen Gardels, The Huffington Post, 2006-08-01)
The most disturbing analysis comes from Zbigniew Brzezinski, the former US national security adviser, who links the Iraq and Israel conflict and says bluntly: "Neocon prescriptions [of use of force to try to change things unilaterally] of which Israel has its equivalents, are fatal for America and ultimately for Israel. They will totally turn the overwhelming majority of the Middle East's population against the United States. The lessons of Iraq speak for themselves. Eventually, if neocon policies continue to be pursued, the United States will be expelled from the region and that will be the beginning of the end for Israel as well." . . . It is important to recognize that Israel defeated formal armies led in most cases by inefficient and often corrupt regimes. Hezbollah is waging "asymmetrical" warfare against Israel based on increasingly radicalized and even fanaticized mass support. So, yes, Israel will have much more difficulty in coping effectively with this latter in contrast to the former. . . . The new element today is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to separate the Israeli-Palestinian problem, the Iraq problem and Iran from each other. Neither the United States nor Israel has the capacity to impose a unilateral solution in the Middle East. . . . The notion that the U.S. was going to get a pliant, democratic, stable, pro-American, Israel-loving Iraq is a myth which is rapidly eroding. That is why the U.S. needs to start talking with the Iraqis about the day of our disengagement. We shouldn't leave precipitously. U.S. Ambassador to Iraq (Zalmay) Khalilzad told me that four months would be precipitous. I agree. But we should agree that the U.S. will disengage at some period beyond that. . . . While the Iranian nuclear problem is serious, and while the Iranians are marginally involved in Lebanon, the fact of the matter is that the challenge they pose is not imminent. And because it isn't imminent, there is time to deal with it. . . . Sometimes in international politics, the better part of wisdom is to defer dangers rather than try to eliminate them altogether instantly. To do that produces intense counter-reactions that are destructive. . . . In the final analysis, Iran is a serious country; it's not Iraq. It's going to be there. It's going to be a player. And in the longer historical term, it has all of the preconditions for a constructive internal evolution if you measure it by rates of literacy, access to higher education and the role of women in society. . . . The mullahs are part of the past in Iran, not its future. But change in Iran will come through engagement, not through confrontation. . . . If we pursue these policies, we can perhaps avert the worst. But if we do not, I fear that the region will explode. In the long run, Israel would be in great jeopardy.

posted by Lorenzo 7:50 AM

Dead UN soldiers had atrocoities info
(Wayne Madsen, Prison Planet, July 28 2006)
Our intelligence sources report that the Israeli Defense Force attack on Lebanon is being carried out as a joint Israeli-U.S. military operation. Moreover, there are joint Israeli and U.S. war rooms coordinating the U.S.-supported Israeli attacks on Lebanon. The ultimate aim of Washington and Jerusalem is not only to eliminate Hezbollah as a political force in Lebanon but also to remake Lebanon as an American and Israeli client state. Israeli forces are pounding parts of Lebanon, especially in the north, where there are no Hezbollah units and primarily Christian populations. In addition, Israeli forces are being aided by the Bush administration with high-resolution overhead imagery from U.S. spy satellites and signals intelligence (SIGINT) intercepts from National Security Agency assets, including SIGINT satellites. . . . The result of U.S. intelligence support for Israel is directly linked to the targeting of particular locations, including the Israeli launch of 24 high-explosive missiles on a block of ten buildings in south Beirut. The entire block was leveled in the attack. The deliberate Israeli attack on a United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) outpost in southern Lebanon was the result of that post gaining information of Israeli atrocities committed against the civilian Lebanese population. The Israeli attack, called deliberate by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, killed blue helmet peacekeepers from China, Finland, Canada, and Austria. Israel continued to attack the UN post even as rescuers attempted to locate survivors in the rubble of the building. The deliberate 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, an NSA spy ship monitoring communications during the Arab-Israeli Six Day War, was the result of the Liberty intercepting Israeli communications on the massacre by Israeli forces of surrendering Egyptian prisoners of war in Sinai. Israeli planes continued to attack the ship, even after it raised a large American flag. U.S. Navy and NSA survivors in the water were also strafed by Israeli aircraft.

posted by Lorenzo 8:04 PM

Tel Aviv: Thousands rally against war
(Attila Somfalvi, Ynetnews, 22 July 2006)
Thousands march in Tel Aviv to protest Lebanon fighting, call on soldiers to refuse taking part in war. Clashes with passersby erupt during event, activists called 'traitors'. . . . Thousands of left-wing activists, including many Arab citizens, marched Saturday evening from the Rabin Square to the Cinematheque plaza in Tel Aviv in protest of the fighting in Lebanon. The protestors held up signs with slogans against the war and called for an immediate ceasefire. . . . According to the demonstrators, a prisoner exchange deal with Hizbullah must be struck, as well as a similar deal with Hamas. Marchers also urged IDF soldiers not to take part in the Lebanon operation, chanting: "Listen up, soldier – it's your duty to refuse." Other slogans recited by the participants were: "The occupation is a disaster, leave Lebanon now," "Olmert and Bush have struck a deal – to carry on with the occupation," and "Children in Beirut and Haifa want to go on living." . . . Former Education Minister Shulamit Aloni, who spoke in the demonstration, said that "the government has allowed the destructive powers of the army to drag us into the killing. The Defense Forces cannot be tuned into the army of occupation and killing. We must call in international forces, negotiate and make peace."

posted by Lorenzo 3:36 AM

U.S. gives Israel a blank check to murder civilians
(Barry Grey, WSWS, July 17, 2006)
The Bush administration has given Israel a carte blanche to wage war against Lebanon, bombing and killing as it sees fit. American diplomacy in the crisis precipitated by Israeli aggression first against Gaza and then against its neighbor to the north is concentrated on blocking any move for a ceasefire and concocting a pretext for future military action against Syria and Iran. . . . It is transparently clear that for President Bush it is of no consequence that tens of thousands of American citizens, not to mention other foreign nationals, are in harm's way, as Israel continues to blast away at civilian populations in every part of the country, including the capital, Beirut. Already, eight Canadians have died as a result of an Israeli bomb attack on a house in southern Lebanon. . . . Far from issuing a warning to Israel to desist until the Americans can be evacuated, Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have been using every available forum to justify Israel’s savage assault and scotch all efforts to halt the lopsided fighting, in which Israel has an overwhelming military advantage. . . . In Orwellian fashion, any form of Arab resistance against Israel is branded as "terrorism," while the indiscriminate bombing of cities, villages, roads, power plants, airports and bridges is called "self-defense." . . . One example of Israeli self-defense occurred on Saturday, in the deadliest single attack on Lebanese civilians since Israel launched the war last Wednesday. According to Reuters, residents sought to leave the border village of Marwaheen in southern Lebanon after the Israeli military ordered them to evacuate over a loudspeaker. [The barbaric people of] Israel then bombed a civilian convoy trying to leave the village, killing 16 people. . . . Hezbollah is a bourgeois nationalist movement with broad support within Lebanon and throughout the Arab world. It has won support in large part because of its armed resistance against the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon, which extended from the Israeli invasion of 1982 until Israel's pullout from southern Lebanon in 2000. . . . It has every right to carry out actions against Israeli military targets, under conditions in which Israel continues to maintain a brutal and illegal occupation of Palestinian territories.

posted by Lorenzo 4:03 PM

The Palestinians have no chance, unless we free our souls from Zionist control
by Israel Adam Shamir

Israeli tactics in Gaza resemble the strategy of "starving into obedience" applied by the Pentagon to North Vietnam, per the Pentagon Papers, - the single most evil piece of strategic planning in the 20th century: . . . "Strikes at population targets are likely not only to create a counterproductive wave of revulsion abroad and at home, but greatly to increase the risk of enlarging the war with neighbours. Destruction of locks and dams, however, does not kill or drown people. By shallow-flooding the rice, it leads after time to widespread starvation (more than a million dead?) unless food is provided--which we could offer to do at the conference table." . . . If the Jews were to bomb a hundred thousand Gazans to oblivion, probably there would be "a wave of revulsion", but destruction, starvation and thirst are equally efficient, and do not disturb the world conscience all that much. . . . A Palestinian Christian Professor and a Knesset Member, Azmi Bishara said well of the resistance fighters: "Some people chose to respond to the murder of Palestinian civilians by attacking an Israeli military installation. They made the hardest choice, and chose the difficult path. Those who did not take this path, who did not make this sacrifice, or put their courage to this test, or suffer trembling nerves in the darkness of the tunnel, yet who have some delicacy of feeling towards the pains of the Palestinians could at least spare this operation the embarrassment of tainting it as terrorist." . . . Yea, when the Jews attack, that's war, when they are attacked, it is terror! . . . Thus, the Hamas was right in refusing to recognise the Jewish state: in no way can this state become a tolerable neighbour, whether ruled by Labour of Peretz or by Kadima of Olmert, or even in extremely unlikely case of being ruled by Mr Avnery. This state has to be dismantled, like the Assassins' extraterritorial State that once controlled the Middle East. The Assassins drew their power from their ability and preparedness to assassinate the prominent leaders of Crusaders and Muslims, while leaving alive only weak rulers who did not dare to touch them. . . . The Jews do the same: sometimes, by sword, sometimes, by their money, sometimes, by their media, but no strong leader has emerged within their sphere of influence. . . . The Palestinians have no chance, unless we free our souls from Jewish control. And here we may turn to the second J-word, more mighty than the first: Jesus. The present subservience of the West began with a minor step. In 1960s, the Western churches removed from their liturgy a prayer "Oremus et pro perfidis Judaeis", "Let us pray for perfidious Jews that our God and Lord will remove the veil from their hearts so that they too may acknowledge the light of thy truth which is our Lord Jesus Christ and be delivered from their darkness." This was considered "antisemitic," though it is a far cry from the Jewish prayer "Shepokh Hamatha," "Lord, vent your fury upon goyim who do not know your name." But the Jews preserved their prayer of vengeance, while misled and subdued Christians dropped their prayer of mercy. Say this prayer today, say it in your church, dismiss a priest who dares it not, and tomorrow you will not writhe in face of Jewish displeasure, and Gaza – and your soul - will be saved. And if your prayer will be answered, the Jews will be saved, too.

posted by Lorenzo 5:15 PM

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