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Katrina, Rita destroyed 113 petroleum platforms
(KLTV, May 2006)
Officials say Hurricanes Katrina and Rita destroyed 113 petroleum production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. The update came today from the federal agency overseeing offshore drilling. . . . The Minerals Management Service says the 2005 storms also damaged 457 pipelines connecting production facilities in the Gulf and bringing oil and natural gas to shore. . . . That's a sharp rise from the 183 damaged pipelines identified in January. . . . Katrina hit the Gulf coast in late August.. . . Rita slammed southeast Texas and southwest Louisiana in late September. . . . Interruption of the Gulf supply has played a role in record-high oil and gasoline prices. . . . The M-M-S warns that additional damage likely will be discovered as more underwater inspections are conducted. . . . Of the 113 destroyed platforms, four replacements have been approved by the M-M-S.
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posted by Lorenzo 2:58 PM

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