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Causeway Concentration Camp Survivors Testify Before Congress
(KTRE-TV, December 6, 2005)
New Orleans residents say race and class clearly were the reason for the government's slow response to Katrina. . . . In an emotional and sometimes tearful hearing, the residents spoke of being cursed and threatened at gunpoint by police. . . . The residents charged they were abandoned by their state and local governments. . . . Dyan French, who goes by 'Mama D,' says as winter sets in, many have to rely on makeshift fireplaces for heat.

[COMMENT by Lorenzo: I watched this testimony on C-SPAN, and it was some of the most inspiring, intelligent, truthful, and passionate testimony I have ever heard given before a Congressional Committee. My hunch is that we aren't even seeing the tip of this iceberg yet. At the end of the hearing, Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney (my first choice for President in 2008!) asked the witnesses a simple "yes or no" question: "Do you believe that the death count we've been given is accurate?" . . . The answer from the panel was a resounding NO! . . . I feel quite certain that the obvious racial overtones of the Katrina disaster are going to continue to reverberate well into the 2008 election cycle. What took place in New Orleans, and what is continuing to take place in that marvelous old city, is approaching very close to ethnic cleansing . . . compassionate conservative style.]

posted by Lorenzo 2:19 PM

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