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Pentagon terrorizing families of dead and injured soldiers
(Pravada, 6 May 2006)
"Those guys in the White House really have no shame. They want to collect the money allegedly owed to the government by the soldiers who served in Iraq, by the families of those who were killed out there," said the 25-year old U.S. Army Sergeant (Retired) Ryan Kelly who lost his leg while on a battlefield near Baghdad. He burst into tears during an interview to journalists. . . . Ryan Kelly is one of the U.S. soldiers and officers killed or seriously wounded during combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq who Pentagon put on the list as having "bad debts." The U.S. Government Accountability Office submitted its report on the problem to Congress. The GAO report effectively tipped off the Pentagon on a way to cover multimillion losses. The report says the soldiers officially owe the government $1.5 million. . . . According to USA TODAY, so far the government has collected $124 thousand from the Army veterans and families of servicemen killed in action. Several cases with regard to soldiers' debts are currently in court. The aforementioned Ryan Kelly resisted the government's efforts to collect the money for a year. The government demanded that he repay $2,231.. . . Experts indicate that as a rule the Army accountants are not advised promptly on a soldier's demise or retirement due to injury. Therefore, accountants keep making wire transfers to accounts of those who should have been deleted from the payroll due to above reasons. The Pentagon also frequently billed solders for equipment e.g. gas masks or body armor left behind on the battlefield. . . .

posted by Lorenzo 10:41 AM

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