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Iraqi Civilian Deaths ... caused by Bush's unprovoked war

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US Military Keeps Track of Some, If Not All, Civilian Casualties in Iraq
The official line has been that the US is not keeping track of Iraqi civilian deaths, but revelations tucked away in newspaper articles contradict this. . . . a general in Iraq told the New York Times something different: "We do keep records of innocent civilians who are killed accidentally by coalition force soldiers," said Brig. Gen. Mark Hertling, assistant commander for the First Armored Division, which patrols Baghdad. "And, in fact, in every one of those innocent death situations, we conduct internal investigations to determine what happened." . . . That same article focuses on Capt. Jonathan Tracy in Baghdad, who hands out "sympathy payments" of $1,000 for an injury and $2,500 for a life. These payments are for people killed or injured during combat situations, including the "major combat" of March through 01 May 2003. Tracy also doles out payments for noncombat situations, as the Times explains: . . . As of the article's date, 07 March 2004: The US military has doled out $2.2 million in compensation to Iraqis under that law since Washington formally declared major combat operations ended on May 1. But of the 11,300 claims processed so far, it has denied compensation in 5,700 cases, just more than half. Another 3,700 claims are outstanding.

posted by Lorenzo 11:53 AM

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