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Was Senator Paul Wellstone Murdered?
Links to Facts & Commentaries about the plane crash of Senator Paul Wellstone including:
*The Co-incidence Theory - The strongest article yet by R B Ham on Print Think at Truth & Consequences
*Assassinated by Covert US Terror Group - Heavy duty article on voxnyc.com, 121 Viewer Commentaries
*Paul Wellstone Murder - Good summary, remote control takeover and simultaneous radio blackout
*How Very Convenient - Good Commentary by John Bottoms on strike the root.com
*Terror on the Hill - Very Good November 10 online article by Marc Ash of Truthout.com
*Jackson Thoreau Commentary - Did the CIA or the Right-Wing tamper with the plane?
*How the assassin did it - Also 'Plane gave no indication of trouble' on Rense.com
*Do Not Let the Murder of Paul Wellstone be the Murder of America - By Cheryl Seal, Nov. 1 News Insider.org
*Wellstone plane crash media survey good summary from Scoop in New Zealand, Nov. 7
*Some of the best Analyses of the Plane Crash and possibilities
Was Wellstone Assassinated? - Very thorough article, many details, Center for an Informed America NEW
Connecting the Dots - By David Spring on Liberal Slant (archives)
Why Wellstone? - By David Spring on Liberal Slant (archives)
The Reverberating Mystery of Paul Wellstone's Death - By Lisa Walsh Thomas on Liberal Slant (archives)
Good commentary by Dr. Michael I. Niman on Alternet
Good commentary by Jackson Thoreau on Liberal Slant
Was Wellstone Murdered? - Commentary by Kellia Ramares on Online Journal.com
Assassinations, Phony Wars, Stolen Elections - Article by Bev Conover in Online Journal
Brief statement by Marc Ash of Truthout.com
Media Survey by Scoop of New Zealand - Several good articles
Commentary by Cheryl Seals on Unknown News
Commentary by Ted Rall on Yahoo! News
*Cirisi's law firm looking into Wellstone plane crash - Star Tribune story on Nov. 14
Possible Assassination of Wellstone - Thorough article on the latest evidence at Twin Cities Indymedia
Short article about NTSB findings
Initial Crash Facts - An eye witness to the crash said he heard "a loud gunshot".
Plane Pointing Away from Airport - Story of Oct. 26 on CNN.com
Wellstone's Co-Pilot - Michael Guess played minor role in Moussaoui involvement -His link to Flying School
Details of pilot's felony record - Message on wnyc.com forum
Wellstone Pilot Exaggerated His Airline Experience - Story in Nov. 10 Star-Tribune
Wellstone Pilot had Felony Record - Served time for mail fraud, Story in Nov. 1 issue of Star-Tribune

posted by Lorenzo 10:50 AM

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