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Vets Filed Court Appeal Against Loss of Medical Care Benifits
Mike Gaddy - Via Press Release - Sierra Times - 01. 30. 03 at 11:09
FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. � (27 January 2003) True to his word, Col George "Bud" Day, attorney, Medal of Honor recipient, and former POW officially filed a petition with the United States Supreme Court on 24 January 2003 seeking justice for hundreds of thousands of living WWII/Korea era military retirees. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Washington, D.C. ruled on 18 November 2002 that Military Retirees have no legal standing and the U.S. government was authorized to break the offer of lifetime, free medical care to those servicemen and women who served their country honorably for 20+ years. Col Day expects a hearing before the US Supreme Court and reversal of the 18 November 2002 Federal Circuit order. ..."Our fight is geared to convince the U.S. Supreme Court that military retirees are legally guaranteed to receive the benefits they were promised by the government when they signed up to devote their lives to the service of their country. We should never have been forced to wage this fight, but we are in it and four Federal Appeals Court Judges in their support of our cause gives strong hope." Col Day believes his arguments are strong and our government cannot be allowed to trample her warriors in favor of budgetary waste and continued political pork abuse. One of the most highly decorated military officers since General Douglas MacArthur, Colonel Day, MOH, former POW, took on this case more than six years ago. "This has been the crusade of my life and I won�t rest until the last round is fired." "I hope every military retiree and veteran takes the Appeals Court set-back personally, join us for a rally Feb 12, 2003 in Washington, DC, and demand your Congressional Representative and Senators take legislative action in conjunction with our legal fight to right this wrong." Officials at the Department of Defense breached their contract with military retirees over the age of 65 � mostly World War II and Korea War career veterans � to receive medical care in military hospitals. This forced the retired members to buy Medicare B and other supplemental insurance costing thousands of dollars per year, to have the coverage which the U.S. previously provided for decades. The payment of several hundred dollars per month is cost prohibitive for many elderly G.I.s and particularly widows. "After 20 years of care in military hospitals, my wife and I were kicked out and forced to rely on Medicare," says Robert "Bob" Reinlie, one of the Plaintiff's. "This is not what I was promised when I pledged to serve my country for 20 years. I�m astonished that at the age of 82 years I must now fight for the medical care I earned."

*****My father is one of these unfortunates. And unfortunately, he and many of those who are affected by this theft voted for and continue to vote for those in authority who have authorized this action and will continue to authorize this actioin; "Have to reduce the costs!!! the bean counters say". I'm amazed, again and again, that the masses fail to see the truths behind the actions. They don't care about those that offer their lives for the idea of a free country. They have never cared about those that stand out front and go to places where we have no business going but go because the leaders say we have to as a free nation. But, that's just this old Curmudgeon's opinion.*****

posted by An Old Curmudgeon 7:41 AM

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