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The Truth We Can't Face - America As A Third Rate Nation
By Dorothy Anne Seese - Sierra Times - 01. 30. 03
No nation with a sinking economy and continuing depletion of resources is a free nation. It is a dependent nation.
No country where the unemployment is rising, costs and prices are rising, and businesses are moving to other countries can long call itself a free nation. It is an interdependent nation at best.
No people who look to the government to solve their problems from cradle to grave can look in the mirror and call themselves a free people. At best they are dependents, at worst they are serfs.
Any country that abandons its hard precious metal standards (gold and silver) as the United States did in 1934 and 1973, respectively, and operates on funny money cannot sustain either a free economy or a free country.
Uneducated people who cannot think, regardless of the number of diplomas or degrees they obtain, can never be free. They can't handle freedom.
A nation that must monitor every move of every citizen, using technology to keep people in captivity or fear of captivity, is not a nation of free people.
Representatives of the people who willingly obey a mandate to approve bills drafted by the executive branch of government, abdicating their responsibility to be the legislators, are not free, and they do not represent a free people.
A managed media does not represent a free people and free people do not tolerate a managed media.
Free people never let any government official rise to the level of total control, because free people insist that the government work for them, not enslave them.
And free people know the difference between the appearance of freedom, and true freedom.
Is America a nation of free people by these standards? No.

posted by An Old Curmudgeon 7:25 AM

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