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"The spirit was freedom and justice and it's keepers seemed generous and kind. It's leaders were supposed to serve the country but now they won't pay it no mind 'cause the people grew fat and got lazy ,and now their vote is a meaningless joke. They babble about law and order but it's all just an echo of what they've been told. Our cities have turned into jungles and corruption is stranglin' the land. The police force is watching the people and the people just can't understand. We don't know how to mind our own business 'cause the whole world has got to be just like us. Now we are fighting a war over there, no matter who's the winner we can't pay the cost 'cause there's a monster on the loose. It's got our heads into a noose and it just sits there watching. America where are you now? Don't you care about your sons and daughters? Don't you know we need you now, we can't fight alone against the monster . . . Heed the threat and awesome power of the mighty Pentagon . . . Which is wasting precious millions on the toys of Washington . . . Just one time I'd like to be somewhere where none of your clever lies fill the air. I'm tired of your frozen smile and your voice of tin . . ." Monster by Steppenwolf, 1970.

posted by An Old Curmudgeon 10:50 AM

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