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The Smirking Chimp
"On Dec. 9, 2000, the day he left the White House, Clinton's approval rating was 68 percent; on Feb. 12, 1999, the day after his impeachment vote, Clinton held a 73 percent rating. By contrast, and I repeat for emphasis, Bush's rating is currently at 55 percent. Some lessons can be deduced from this. One, Bush's support is as soft as the ice cream at Dairy Queen. Two, the media has a knee-jerk aversion to reporting anything that sheds a negative light on this administration."

Another undereported is the strong negatives that Bush gets on re-election. From the latest Zogby poll "Slightly more than one in three voters (35%) say they would vote to re-elect President Bush regardless of who he runs against, compared to 56% who would not vote to re-elect Bush REGARDLESS of who he runs against."

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There are victims, there are executioners, and there are bystanders...
Unless we wrench free from being what we like to call 'objective', we are closer psychologically, whether we like to admit it or not, to the executioner than to the victim.

--Howard Zinn

posted by Lorenzo 3:32 PM

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