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Red Friday!
(Granny D)
To my Compatriots: Many, many people are against this Iraq thing, and are also upset by the attack on our Bill of Rights --conservatives, liberals and everybody inbetween. We activists know how to speak up, march, get arrested and all that. But we also need to find ways for other people, who perhaps don't feel as free to be activists, to nevertheless express their feelings. We need a signal of solidarity. How about if we start asking people to wear something red each Friday as a sign that they are opposed to the Bush Administration's warmongering and its attack on our Bill of Rights? If we leaflet transit stations and spread some e-mail around, maybe it can catch on. Maybe millions of people on the street, in offices and malls, and everywhere will be wearing a bit of red each Friday until we turn this thing around. What do you say?
--Doris "Granny D" Haddock

posted by Lorenzo 11:04 AM

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