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MIT Accuses Administration of 'Star Wars' 'Lies, Cover Up Of Flaws'
(William J. Broad, New York Times, 2 January 2003)
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is looking into accusations that its premier laboratory lied to cover up serious problems with the technology at the heart of the administration's proposed antimissile defense system. . . . Dr. Postol has said M.I.T. appeared to be hiding evidence of serious flaws in the nation's main antimissile weapon . . . Dr. Postol, who first called for an investigation 20 months ago and repeated his request many times, is unsatisfied. "Potentially, this is the most serious fraud that we've seen at a great American university," he said in an interview. . . . His argument draws on stacks of letters, reports and interview transcripts, their details technically daunting and plentiful. . . . "Either there's a serious problem with the G.A.O. report, which needs to be corrected," Dr. Postol told Dr. Crawley in August, according to a meeting transcript, "or Lincoln Laboratory could be involved at the highest levels of management in covering up fraud."

posted by Lorenzo 2:24 PM

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