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The Looters are Loose...
Who WAS John Galt? Looting is UN-American
By Glenn R. Jackson - Sierra Times - 01. 29. 03
Long, long ago, in a land now far away there lived a philosophy of individual self-sufficiency and enlightened self-interest. In this land the innovator, the creator, and the wealth producer recognized that their ability to produce was built on mutual cooperation and support from workers of like mind and inclination. An enlightened workforce recognized that their efforts were also essential to the production of the wealth of all. That was before the Looters appeared. With unemployment over 6%, and underemployed American's having lost good paying jobs for bad, the American Worker Replacement Program of America's new business elites welcomes increasing numbers of foreign "guest" workers to work American jobs. High Tech positions in Information Technology, Engineering, Healthcare, Education, and the Media are being taken from Americans by H-1B visa holders (supposedly limited to 195,000 per year), L-1 visa holders (unlimited per year), and by "off-shoring" of American jobs.

*****This is Personal as I am the product of this Program by Corporate Amerika. As they (U.S. corporations) all step forward to wave the flag with Dubya and fellow Kabalists, to spout their support of the American way of life and commiserate with their fellow millionaire CEO's, behind the American public's back, and out of the media spotlight (as if THEY would say anything!!), they quietly REPLACE taxpaying (most of us) Americans with foreigners, who then send their paychecks back to India and Pakistan, where ANTI-American crusaders are fed and clothed and trained, to replace more American workers. It just stuns me that our elected officials (notice I do not refer to them as REPRESENTATIVES) have the gall to wave the flag and continue to vote to give corporations larger and larger H-1B quotas, year after year. The original intention of this policy has been completely gutted by corporations as a way to reduce their wages (and increase profits) - and the result? America's unemployment increases, buying power is reduced which affects the overall economy, and, btw, the ability to support those charities and welfare organizations that Dubya pushes so hard is terminated as the priority now becomes plain old survival. I urge those fellow AMERICAN readers to write your congressman and urge them to support HR 3222 - it's the first step in completely eliminating this scourge on the American workforce. But, then, that's just this old Curmudgeon's opinion...*****

posted by An Old Curmudgeon 8:47 AM

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