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18 December 2002

  Alternative Media Censorship ... foundations fund phony 'left' media
Take a look at the 'organization' chart at the bottom of the page of the above link. You might me surprised to learn where the money is coming from to support media outlets such as "The Nation," Pacifica, the Donahue show, and other apparently 'left' news and opinion organizations. It may change your mind about how much you trust them as opinion makers.

posted by Lorenzo 6:38 PM

17 December 2002

  Journalists are under fire for telling the truth
(Robert Fisk, The Independent, 18 December 2002)
First it was Roger Ailes, the chairman of the Fox News Channel, who advised the US President to take the "harshest measures possible" against those who attacked America on 11 September, 2001. . . . Let us forget, for a moment, that Fox News's Jerusalem bureau chief is Uri Dan, a friend of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the author of the preface of the new edition of Sharon's autobiography . . . Then Ted Koppel, one of America's leading news anchormen, announced that it may be a journalist's duty not to reveal events until the military want them revealed in a new war against Iraq. . . . In Canada, the situation is even worse. Canwest, owned by Israel Asper, owns over 130 newspapers in Canada, including 14 city dailies and one of the country's largest papers, the National Post. His "journalists" have attacked colleagues who have deviated from Mr Asper's pro-Israel editorials. As Index on Censorship reported, Bill Marsden, an investigative reporter for the Montreal Gazette has been monitoring Canwest's interference with its own papers. "They do not want any criticism of Israel," he wrote. "We do not run in our newspaper op-ed pieces that express criticism of Israel and what it is doing in the Middle East..." . . . I will tell you. Journalists are being attacked for telling the truth, for trying to tell it how it is. American journalists especially.

posted by Lorenzo 6:49 PM

  Electronic Frontier Foundation Rejects Broadcast Flag (December 9, 2002)
(EFF Media Release, December 9, 2002)
EFF filed comments with the FCC opposing the Broadcast Flag proposal because the proposal would give Hollywood unwarranted control over the development of digital television (DTV) and related technologies to the detriment of creators and consumers of the technologies. . . . The Broadcast Flag--a signal to be added to all DTV broadcasts--is a critical weapon in Hollywood's arsenal aimed at strangling innovation and fair use. In the "Content Protection Status Report," the entertainment industry sets out a roadmap for giving entertainment companies control over the design of general-purpose computers, over analog-to-digital converters, and over the Internet itself. . . . The FCC initiated the Broadcast Flag proceedings last summer after receiving a letter from Senator Ernest "Fritz" Hollings, author of the Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act (CBDTPA). The CBDTPA is a sweeping proposal that would require technologists to seek permission from entertainment companies [like Disney!] prior to making new technologies available to the public.

posted by Lorenzo 1:02 PM

12 December 2002

  Quiet Censorship in Hollywood
(Jon Wiener, The Nation, December 12, 2002)
"The Quiet American", which recently opened for a two-week run in a couple of theaters in New York and Los Angeles, illustrates just how far Hollywood self-censorship has gone in the year since 9/11. . . . Miramax released the film in two cities for two weeks only because Caine mobilized all his considerable clout to argue that the film could make Miramax a lot of money if he won the award for Best Actor . . . "The Quiet American" follows Graham Greene's novel in exposing and criticizing the roots of America's war in Vietnam. In particular, one scene depicts a US-sponsored terrorist car-bombing in central Saigon � which really happened and which has some implications for the Bush Administration's list of "state sponsors of terrorism." . . . Although the film was finished more than a year before George Bush began arguing for unilateral action in Iraq, the arguments have an uncanny similarity. . . . But it's only audiences in Los Angeles and New York who will be given a chance to see the film and make these connections, and only for the two weeks required for academy consideration. Miramax apparently is still not convinced that a nationwide release backed up with a major-movie publicity campaign is a good idea. . . . If a major star like Michael Caine, with a shot at Best Actor, has so much trouble persuading a Hollywood studio to release a film that criticizes US foreign policy of a half-century ago, what is happening to other films that somebody might consider unpatriotic or anti-American? . . . We can only guess what's happening to film proposals and projects that haven't gone into production, that raise questions about or poke fun at the military, or foreign policy or "patriotism."

posted by Lorenzo 7:38 PM

02 December 2002

  CNN Deletes Story on Protest Outside CNN Headquarters
(The Memory Hole, December 2, 2002)
It was surprising that CNN covered the story in the first place. Dozens of people marched outside the news channel's Atlanta headquarters, holding signs and chanting slogans denouncing CNN's role as warmongering mouthpiece for government and business. . . . The story was posted on CNN's Website on 24 November 2002. It was soon gone. The Website of Citizens for Legitimate Government reports that by the afternoon of the next day, the article was no longer available. The BuzzFlash Website, which had linked to the article, then linked to the archived copy of the article in Google's cache. Soon that, too, was deleted. Luckily Buzzflash had kept a full copy of the story, including a screenshot (several blogs also ran some or all of the article, providing further corroboration that this is the correct text). It is presented below [on The Memory Hole website].

[Webmaster note: Our hats are off the the Georgia State University students and anti-war activists who are calling attention to CNN's policy of pushing government propaganda instead of actually reporting the news. All-in-all, CNN is no more unbiased than FOX!]

posted by Lorenzo 5:43 AM

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